Saturday, June 2, 2012

Novella nearing completion

The vampire romance (or perhaps "erotica" is a more apt term) I began over four years ago is finally almost done. Have a first draft out with readers. Am waiting for the editing suggestions to come back so I can revise. Then will send to an artist I know for cover and other illustrations. Very much hope to have all done and novella published by the beginning of July.

This will be my first published piece of genre fiction, and also my foray into self-publishing e-books on

Tentative Title: Awakening

Synopsis: Lilly Frank, the daughter of a wealthy New York socialite and a power-hungry social climber from Texas, has worked hard since her mother's brutal murder two years ago to create a safe and stable life for herself. The only threats to her peace of mind are her father's matchmaking schemes and the unwelcome attentions of one of his business associates, but her recent engagement should bring an end to those problems. Enter Torren Frisk: a handsome stranger whose presence Lilly finds most unsettling. There is something different about him that she finds both irresistible and frightening. As she spends more time with Torren, Lilly's growing attraction to him threatens to unravel her world.  Will she discover his secret before the life she's worked so hard to build comes crumbling down on top of her?

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