Monday, July 30, 2012

Awakening will be published this week

It's gonna happen! I just don't know the exact date yet. Still waiting on cover art, but the novella will be published as an e-book available through sometime between Wednesday and Friday of this week.

Here's another mini-teaser to whet your appetite:
She hadn’t been able to get Torren out of her head. Teresa’s question haunted her. There was something different about him. She’d begun to entertain the possibility that what she felt wasn’t revulsion at all. That it was something else, something more like...attraction. And then she surprised herself by calling him.

They met at a burger joint in her neighborhood for dinner. He was wearing designer dark wash jeans, a designer graphic t-shirt, and expensive brown leather shoes and jacket. She couldn’t help noticing how long and lean his thighs looked in his jeans. It made her mouth water and her insides flutter. Her hands itched to touch him. Looking at him seemed to take all the air out of her lungs. She began to think she might finally have a frame of reference for “devastatingly handsome.”

“I’m surprised you called,” he said.

“Me too.” She’d spoken without thinking. She glanced at him quickly, an apology ready, but he just laughed. The sound of his voice gave her goose bumps.

“Ethan won’t mind that you’re here with me?” His tone was light and teasing, but the question was serious all the same.
Another update coming very soon...

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