Monday, July 23, 2012

Progress on cover art!

Yesterday I met up with the artist who's designing the cover for Awakening. Looked at his preliminary character sketches, offered some ideas and suggestions. The agreement was that he'd have the pencil drawing done and scanned in by mid-week, send to me for approval, and then color it in digitally, add a layer for the text, and have the finished version by the weekend.

My own work plan for this week is to read through the novella one last time (just one more time, I swear!) for editing...make a couple small changes I've been thinking about in response to feedback, and finalize the formatting so that when I get the cover art next weekend (fingers crossed) I can upload to Amazon right away.

At which point I imagine it will take me a couple days to preview the novella in all the different reader formats.

And THEN I can publish. Whew!

At which point comes the really difficult work: marketing the book. Sigh. One thing at a time, Jeanie. One thing at a time.

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