Friday, October 12, 2012

Your vampire aspirations

So last month I asked, "What would you do as a vampire?" and got some interesting responses. Here's a kind of summary and analysis of the answers so far.

Sex - Some people said they'd have more of it. One person suggested, however, that the heightened senses might make sex overwhelming and therefore unappealing.
Question: What is it about being a vampire that would result in some people having more sex? Is it, as I suggested in a previous post, because they'd feel safer engaging in physically and socially risky behavior?

Torment Those-We-Don't-Like - Several people mentioned wanting to "terrorize," "screw with" or "demolish" certain groups of people (psychics, Reedies, and Republicans were mentioned). These answers were possibly in jest, but I don't want to assume anything.
Question: Would people torment other people because they would no longer fear the consequences of doing so? Does it mean that the only reason they don't do this already is because they don't want to get in trouble?

Live in the moment - A couple of people said they'd spend eternity enjoying simple pleasures: watching movies, appreciating being out in nature, eating good food.
Question: Does this appeal to people because it's what they do in their lives now, or is it because they don't feel they have time to do it but wish they could?

Accomplish personal goals - Eternity provides some people with the opportunity to accomplish the personal goals, such as reading all their books, learning foreign languages, traveling the world, or learning to design and make their own clothing.
Question: Is time the only scarce resource that would allow people to accomplish their personal goals? It seems to me that some of these, especially the last two, also take a lot of money. Do we assume that vampires are rich?

Effect social change - I was fascinated by a couple of responses from people who said they'd like to spend eternity trying to make the world a better place. For one person, this specifically meant effecting social change, i.e. creating "a new world of mutual respect and responsibility."
Question: How might not being human anymore provide an advantage to helping humanity evolve?

You still have time to add your perspective--not to mention the chance to become a character in the Lilly Frank series. So: what would YOU do if you were a vampire under the Lilly Frank mythology?

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