Monday, January 21, 2013

2nd ROW80 check-in

So far it seems that 2013 is about having huge goals and not being able to make an ounce of progress toward them for one reason or another.

Yes, you guessed it: I did nothing again this week. But I have a very good excuse, actually. I was sick in bed all week and only really started to come out of it yesterday. Like, the kind of sick where when you open your eyes you wish you could remove them because they ache incessantly. The kind of sick where you can do nothing all day but lay there and moan between fits of coughing and all-too-brief stints of blissful sleep.

I think if my "progress" on this challenge goes on like this I'm in danger of considering myself a failure long before the 80 days are up. I think I need a new approach.

My goal is still to finish a draft of Awakening 2 by March 28th. But this week instead of trying to write 6,000 words (which actually sounds like a fucking lot) I'm going to set myself some smaller goals. This week I will...

1. Finish re-reading Awakening.
2. Finish my initial notes on the cast of characters for Book 2 and major plot points/questions that need to be answered.
3. Write one scene from Book 2. Or snippets from several scenes. Or just. fucking. something.

We'll see how that goes, eh?


  1. 6,000 words is a lot.. doable but a lot.. NANOWRIMO survivor talking here. LOL!

    NO failure... only 4th check-in!! Cut yourself some slack! Plus it sounds like you identified new goals to get you going.
    Good luck this week!

    1. Thanks so much for the words of encouragement, Natasha!

  2. Hope it's going well since you posted this. No need to beat yourself up about not writing if you're ill - if you'd be off sick from a day job, then you're allowed to be off sick from writing too!
    I get impatient with January. I can't believe it when the year is only twenty-something days old and I've Achieved. So. Little.
    The only way around it is Patience, LOL!

    1. Thank you, Lee. Gah! I know! January sucks.