Monday, January 28, 2013

3rd ROW80 check-in

HAH! I wrote something this week! Take that, writer's block! :P

Okay, so I didn't work on Awakening 2 much (I did finish re-reading the first book, so 1 of 3 goals accomplished this week), but I did write a romance/erotica piece for the February romance theme on Except now I have three pieces to choose from and I don't know which one to pick.

The choices:
A) "Turning Point" - a woman realizes she might be falling in love with the person she's been casually dating

B) "Driven to Distraction" - a woman is plagued by self-doubt and memories of intimate moments with the guy she's been dating & tries to distract herself from obsessing over him

C) "Serran's Fantasy" - excerpt from my contemporary romance where the main character wakes up from a sex dream & continues to play out the fantasy in her head

I've asked a few people which one they like best and have gotten different answers from each person. No help there. How do I decide?

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  1. You are awesome and insanely talented. I think your choice will be a good one ;)