Sunday, February 24, 2013

7th ROW80 check-in

Two things on my mind this week.

First, I only have a month left of this round of ROW80, and so far I've written less than 3,000 words of Awakening 2. Screwed is what I am. Unless...

You see, it took me four years to write the first twenty-five pages of Awakening. And then it took me one week to write the rest of the first draft. Granted, I added to the manuscript in the revision process, but in essence I wrote a first draft of Awakening in one week.

Which makes me think I could do that again. The trick would be that I'd have to do as I did before: clear my schedule of everything except writing. If I can manage to arrange it so I actually have an entire week in March to do nothing but work on Awakening 2, I think I can finish this up. Or at least I hope I can. I need to figure out if I can afford to do that. Will make that my goal for next week, in addition to writing at least another 600 words of the first draft.

Second--which is directly related to the first--I owe my friend $5 this week because I didn't work on Awakening 2 at all. Instead I've been working on a new short romance piece about falling in love. Since I've discovered I like including excerpts in my blog posts, here's an excerpt:
And so she went through the motions of being interested in life outside of him in the hope that it would become true and that someday she'd fall out of love and be able to love him as he deserved: without need, with only a desire for his happiness, even if what he needed to be happy was not her. 
Seriously though. Next week's goals:

1) See whether I can afford to do a week-long writing stay-cation before March 28 to finish the first draft, and if so when.
2) Write at least 600 more words of Awakening 2 so I don't have to shell out more money.


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