Sunday, March 17, 2013

10th ROW80 check-in

Am feeling rather smug this evening because not only did I revise and submit "Crouch" to The Darker Half this week but I also wrote my 600 words of Awakening 2 this evening. And my writing retreat begins on Tuesday! Lookit me go!

On a side note: when I tried to text the word "crouch" to my friend, it came up "crotch." How apropos. ;)

I will not say that this week's writing is any good, but I'll include an excerpt anyway. Apologies in advance to readers whose eyes bleed due to the poor quality of writing (or what seems to me in this moment to be absolute craptastic crapola):

Torren felt rather than saw Lilly stop. He looked over his left shoulder and saw her standing as if awe-struck, watching something across the square. He followed her gaze past the fountain bubbling in the middle of the piazza to two men. Or, more accurately, a man and a vampire. The man was homeless: unwashed, sitting with his back against a building, wearing several layers of dirty clothing. The vampire, on the other hand, was clean and well-dressed, crouched down next to the man, one hand on his shoulder, the other hand pressing money into the homeless man’s hand. He was asking him what his name was, when he’d eaten last. He was telling him about a restaurant that would give him his fill of food if he mentioned the vampire’s name. 
The vampire was solidly built, with salt-and-pepper hair, aquamarine eyes and a smattering of freckles across his cheeks and nose. He could have been anywhere from 25 to 40 when he was turned; he had one of those ageless faces. Even for a vampire. But the most amazing thing about him was that he radiated love. Torren could tell that Lilly liked him immediately, and for this reason Torren did not. 
The exchange between vampire and man ended, and the vampire stood. He must have sensed them there, because he looked straight at Torren, then at Lilly. When he saw Lilly his eyes lit up for a moment. He smiled at them both and nodded slightly, then rejoined his companion, whom Torren had failed to notice, a vampire woman with wavy black hair, red lips, and a gentle smile.
So my goals for next Sunday are rather different. No mere 600 words for me, no siree. I need to be well on my way to a first draft of this novel(la) by the end of the week. After today, I only have 11 days to finish the book by the end of this round of ROW80, and if I'm going to publish Awakening 2 by July 1, I need to stay on schedule. Wish me luck!

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