Wednesday, March 6, 2013

8th ROW80 check-in

A little late posting my check-in this week, but it's not because I got the work done late. Have just been really busy with work.

Well, let's see. What news do I have for you?

First, I'm excited because I've been asked by the good folks over at The Darker Half (new site to be unveiled soon!) to submit a short story. I don't really write stuff that's all that dark, but it's fun to think about what my version of "dark" might be. And of course I'm stoked and incredibly flattered to have been asked! They're doing some interesting work over there. You should go check it out.

As for the two goals I set out last week:

1) I did find a stretch of time toward the end of this month when I'm going to try to do a writing retreat. Not "retreat" as in going anywhere (can't afford that), but a "retreat" as in clearing my calendar and not making any plans other than to write for ten whole days. Ten days of working on the book. Both an exciting and a terrifying prospect. I might go insane. But you know, that might work in my favor. ;)

2) 629 more words of a first draft of Awakening 2 written this week. 

Here's this week's excerpt:
The scent of him is overpowering. Her body still responds, and the pain of desire is unbearable on top of everything else. She thought her desire had been intense as a human, but it was nothing compared to what she feels now. The heat in her loins can no longer be described as an ache. And there’s nothing sweet about it. Every nerve in her body, already sensitive since The Change, stands at attention in Torren’s presence. Begs for his touch. Or even just the touch of his breath. The mere sound of air moving in and out of his lungs is suggestive. His clothing rubbing against his body…she wants to rip it off. Wants to run her hands all over his smooth skin. Wants to feel his tongue on her neck, his teeth in her veins. His hands cradling her hips and breasts. Their bodies joined. 
She wants this so badly she’s afraid she’ll go mad. And yet the thought of it is pure torture. How would she endure the sensations? 
Better the pain in his eyes, better to let him think she can’t stand the sight of him, than to tempt him with her lust.


  1. Taking a personal retreat is a great idea!
    In fact, I'm actually self-publishing my first book this Sunday called: The Five Day Writer's Retreat! So, I fully support you in your exercise. Though I'd like to know your secret for being able to find 10 days!

    1. Congrats on your first self-published book!

      My trick to 10 days: I'm unmarried without children, so that helps. When I worked a standard job I took vacation time to make it happen. Now that I freelance from home, it's a bit trickier because I never know when I'll have gigs coming in, but I can at least *try* to set aside the time.