Friday, March 29, 2013

How to get AWAKENING 2 for free

A couple of days ago I confessed that I hadn't made nearly the progress on Awakening 2 that I'd hoped I would over my 10-day "writing retreat." But I'm still committed to publishing the second book in the Lilly Frank series on July 1, 2013, so I needed a new plan.

You know what I decided I needed in order to get my butt in gear? The threat of a bunch of people who'll be really pissed at me if I don't deliver on time. 

So how do I create those circumstances for myself? Easy! Promise people free advance copies of the book I'm writing if they post a review of the first book by a certain date.

(Clearly I have my own special brand of "logic." Have I mentioned that I chose to go to an all-women's college because in high school I didn't like women? True story. Ask me about it sometime.)

So here's the deal: everyone who posts a review of Awakening on Goodreads by June 15, 2013 will get a free advance copy of Awakening 2 during the pre-release period: June 20-30, 2013.

And because I understand being strapped for cash, I'm offering Awakening for free on Amazon today through Tuesday, April 2nd and again for five days in May. So all you invest is a few hours of your time, and if it goes the way I think it will, you end up being thrilled and entertained, and I end up with a new reader. Win-win.

In the meantime I'm getting down to business on Awakening 2, and to prove it, I wrote 1105 words tonight. Woot! How about an excerpt to celebrate:

If he had things his way, he’d never be more than a few steps away from her at all times. But since she couldn’t bear it, he made sure to be no more than two rooms away if he could help it. At that distance he could still hear her heartbeat, and if he could still hear her, then she was still there. Still there and alive.

In the odd moments when he slept—he didn’t need nearly as much sleep as she did—he was plagued by nightmares of finding her gone. Or worse, dead. When he awoke, the first thing he’d do is check to make sure he could still hear her. He didn’t know what he’d do if she were gone. The thought alone was enough to send him into a panic. After all these years of waiting, of watching. After all he’d done for her, to gain her trust, to bring her to this point. She couldn’t leave him. She just couldn’t.

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