Monday, April 1, 2013

Seeking cover artist for AWAKENING 2

At the same time that I'm making progress on the first draft of Awakening 2, I'm also thinking ahead to other things I'll need in order to publish by my target date of July 1, 2013. One of those things is a cover!

What I want
I really like the idea of hand-drawn, original art for the cover, but I'm also open to modified photographs or digital drawings. It needs to be clear from the cover that it's a vampire romance novel for adults. (Some of the feedback I've gotten about the cover of Awakening is that it looks like it might be a book for a younger audience.) Other than that, I'm pretty open to ideas, which is some artists' wet dream and others' worst nightmare.

When I think about what I want the cover to feel like, the following words and phrases come to mind: dark, sensual, sliding into madness, danger lurking in the shadows, timeless Italian cities and countrysides, approaching storm.

Although I highly respect and value artistic talent, I haven't got a ton of money right now. At this point I can afford somewhere around $100-150 for a complete, professional-looking cover design.

Because Awakening 2 will be published as an e-book for Kindle, the cover needs to conform to Amazon's technical specifications: a .jpg or .tif(f) file; at least 1000 pixels on the longest side; ideal height/width ratio of 1.6 (e.g. 1000 x 1600 pixels).

What else?
Ideally I'd love to have not just a cover but also 2-3 b&w drawings/images inside the book that depict scenes from the story. Of course I'd pay extra for the interior artwork.

And eventually I'd like some continuity in cover design for all three books, which would mean redesigning the cover of the first book and designing the cover of the third book as well, so I'm interested in talking to artists who would be available to work on future projects with me.

Email me!
If you are an artist--or you know an artist--who might be interested in designing the cover for Awakening 2, please email me at writejeaniegrey (at) gmail (dot) com. 


  1. This cover artist came to mind:
    Get matching covers for both Awakening books!

  2. I've got rave reviews on my covers and my artist is right in your budget. I'll tell her to stop by and get your email addy!

  3. Thanks so much for the referrals, A.D. & VanHorn - I'll check them out! :)