Friday, June 7, 2013

AWAKENING 2 - 1st Draft finished

I am pleased as punch to be able to say that a first draft of Awakening 2 is finished and with beta readers. Woot! I made my deadline of 8pm on Wednesday and have since been busily working on all the other things I neglected while I was jamming to get the book written. Such as commissioning the cover art! And organizing a blog tour! And sleeping! Oh yeah, and working, too. ;)

Remaining steps: 2nd draft in response to feedback from readers. Will be done with that by June 20th. Then putting it all together to send out ARCs June 20-30 to everyone who's left a review of Awakening on Goodreads and for the blog tour reviewers. Formatting for Amazon upload on June 29/30, and publishing on July 1st.

What am I gonna do with myself once this book is out there?

Oh yeah. Promote it while writing the next one.

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