Tuesday, June 11, 2013

AWAKENING 2 - revision, cover art, publicity, chickens

1. Feedback received from beta readers! All three said they "loved it." I love hearing that. :) Also got a few good constructive comments that will help me revise.

2. Cover art! I'm one day away from having cover art! I'm so excited!!! :D Am trying to decide whether to reveal it here myself or ask someone to host a cover reveal on their blog. Would love to hear your opinion on this!

3. My friend Zoey Derrick, who recently published her first novel (congrats, Zoey!), recommended a blog tour service to me, so I'm looking into that to help me promote Awakening 2.

I'm a little in awe at this moment of how everything seems to be coming together. Ten days ago I didn't even have a first draft of the book; now I've gotten overwhelmingly positive comments from beta readers and am starting to revise. o_O

Mustn't count my chickens, though. Everything could still go horribly wrong somehow. Knock on wood that it doesn't.


  1. Email me. We'll take about the tour thing. I loved the first draft it was so awesome!!