Friday, June 28, 2013

Countdown: 3 days!

Review of Awakening 2
Today Mari Wells posted a detailed summary of Awakening 2, an excerpt, and the synopsis on her blog as part of the pre-release promotion for the book, which comes out on Monday - in just three days! :D

**Note: Mari's review contains spoilers!

Meanwhile I've been busy prepping for my Release Party. The lineup so far:

Hooray! Awakening 2-related stuff won't be posted until July 1 (except what's already on Mari's blog), but you can still click on the links above and check out these sites ahead of time. ( is particularly one to check out - they post free short fiction there every couple of weeks!)

PLUS I will, of course, write a special post for you all on this site and start collecting names for a giveaway of a "boxed set" (as boxed as you can get in ebook format) of Awakening and Awakening 2, so stay tuned!

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