Thursday, August 29, 2013

End of August Updates

You may have noticed the addition of a few tabs on this page. Know what that means? It means: Works In Progress that are actually, for-real and truly in progress. That. Is. Exciting.

-I have started working on Awakening 3! (Which, at this point, basically means I'm making lists about questions that need to be answered in the final book of The Lilly Frank Trilogy.) What can I tell you about it? I *think* the book starts about 50 years after the second one ends.

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-And The Pirate Queen has raised anchor and set sail! I already had some bits & pieces of scenes (or sketches for scenes) written down, but I've started the formal writing process by interviewing my two main characters, who are surprising and fascinating and might be telling me that TPQ is a series (but I kind of hope not). Captain Quin's greatest fear is finding herself in a position of not being able to choose her own destiny, and Captain Sharpe, once he's made up his mind about something, is about the stubbornest, most intractable person you'll ever meet. (My friend just tried to tell me that "stubbornest" isn't a word. Too bad.)

-And Nick and Serran (of the contemporary romance) have made a surprising amount of progress. They're actually furthest along, at about 5,000 words so far, not including the things I've written in my notebook and haven't yet transcribed in my Scrivener project. I've learned that Nick used to be married (I have no idea what happened to his wife) and that Serran's favorite food is fettuccine alfredo with chicken. And she *loves* a good back rub. And Nick is really, really good at them.

Know what else is exciting? I have project plans for each of those WIPs and target publishing dates. Of course, those target dates may change if I decide to query one or two of those WIPs instead of self-publishing them all. But still. Deadlines help me. I like deadlines.

Know what else is exciting? I have a couple of short stories rolling around in my head that I plan to publish either here or in online 'zines between now and, say, March 2014.

I'm just exploding with excitement & WIPs all over the place! (Reminds me of a damnyouautocorrect I saw recently. Hah!) And I'm eager to start sharing more info & some excerpts here & there as I write my way toward a significant body of work. (Pun intended?)

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