Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Progress on AWAKENING 3

Hallelujah! I actually wrote some words of Awakening 3 tonight! :D (Er...not that I was worried or anything. No, of course not. Ahem.)

Right. So where am I at with Awakening 3?

Just last week I blogged about the difficulty with researching the future, and tonight part of what I wrote concerns New Rome. (Did you know the Vatican is in a traveling hover-dome in the future? Neither did I, until tonight.) But I'm also getting a sense of the bigger picture: what this book (and hence the whole series) is really about.

This book - the last one in the trilogy - is about models of romantic relationship. It's about overcoming trauma. It's about heart vs. head. It's about what happens when old strategies no longer serve us. It's about fear of pain and loss. It's about what it means to be truly alive. And I know that it has to end in a union. (I mean, come on. Torren and Lilly have got to finally have sex!)

The excerpt I'm going to share with you may or may not stay in the final version of this book, but it's a good example of what I mean by the book being about old strategies no longer working.
She used to be able to outrun her thoughts. When she was human she’d run until the sweat poured off her, her muscles ached, her lungs screamed and there was no room for anything in her head but pain and exhaustion. But after thirty-seven years and tens of thousands of miles over five continents, Lilly finally had to accept that it wasn’t working anymore. As a vampire, she could run for days and never get tired; she just got hungry. Her muscles never ached from physical exertion. Her lungs never screamed for air. And she couldn’t outrun the memories. They were always right there with her, no matter how far she fled.
Words written: 570 (goal = 40,000) 


  1. Love it!! Poor Lilly she has lots of memories to run from.

  2. Alright vampire Lilly!! Woot woot!!

    Researching the future sounds difficult, but I take it you found out what you need.

    Like you said in the preface, there characters must learn new ways of coping and that's definitely shown in the excerpt. I like the excerpt and I hope it stays. Great job and looking forward to reading more.