Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Awakening 3 update

Trying to work on the Lilly Frank series is always like trying to peer through the fabric of an opaque curtain into a dimly lit theater. I'm not sure why it's so darned difficult to write these books. But I keep trying to peer through that curtain, and sometimes I hit upon a little hole and can see parts of the theater.

In my efforts to find a way into Awakening 3, it has occurred to me that it might be helpful to do some exploration of what happens between the second and third books.

As I may have mentioned before, the third book in the Lilly Frank series begins about 50 years after the second book ends. During that gap, Lilly spends some time healing at Beth and Carrie's house before taking off to explore the world on her own. She meets people, sees strange things and experiences new-to-her ways of perceiving the world. She learns important lessons about herself and life that prepare her for the events in Book 3.

I think I need to write some of those scenes: her final confrontation with her father, a conversation with a group of Mongol hunters.... Maybe some scenes from the other characters' perspectives as well: Beth, Carrie, Torren, Vittoria. I think I need to understand them all in order for this last book to come together. Or at least understand where they're at when Book 3 begins.

So yes. Starting this week. Let's do this. My goal is to write five brief scenes from the missing 50 years and choose one to share with you next Tuesday. Hooray for goals.