Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Awakening 3: Missing time excerpt 1

Insane schedule continues, so did not get around to writing five scenes, but did take notes for two of them! So yes, that means I get to share something with you today. Woo hoo! :)

The following excerpt takes place in the time between Books 2 & 3 and may not end up in Awakening 3. As I mentioned last week, writing scenes like this is something I'm trying in hopes that it will lead me down the path to a first draft of this last book. A kind of experiment, if you will.

And now, the excerpt:

At first she just looked at it in the mirror. The scar. Afraid to touch it because touching it brought back memories of the knife, of Sam's face as he cut into her again and again. That sick grin. Her blood on his lips. 
At first she just looked. She looked and looked until she'd memorized it. It arced diagonally from just above the nipple of her left breast across her body down to her right side, just below her ribcage. Sometimes it was an angry red, sometimes white against her torso. Slightly raised. Uneven. 
Eventually she gathered the courage to touch just a corner of it. Just held her finger there for a count of thirty. The next day, a few seconds longer. She worked up to a minute, then slowly began to trace around it, making just a little more progress each day. 
Each day she had to battle the fear and the nausea, had to force her hand up to touch her own body. It paid off. After several months, the feel of the scar beneath her fingertips became familiar and her own touch brought her comfort. Gradually she reclaimed that part of her body - that part that would bear eternal witness to the violation of her flesh. It was hers again.
Thanks for reading, and please come back next Tuesday for another excerpt from the in between years.

Progress: 1,373 words (goal = 40,000)


  1. Love it. I'm so glad she's healing physically, emotionally, and mentally.

  2. Do you guys have any idea how much your support means to me? Probably not. But it means A LOT!! Thank you so much, NiteWriter & Mari! :)