Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Rome (AWAKENING 3)

Aaaahahahahahaaa!!! I know why Rome was rebuilt in glass and concrete rather than stone! *happy dance! happy dance!* Once it hit me, it seemed so obvious, but it had been seriously bugging me for some time.

I'll let you in on that revelation when we get to the excerpt, but right now I want to take a moment to reflect on my progress thus far on Awakening 3.

Word count: 1,819 (goal = 40,000)
Cover: Ready & waiting

I may not be as far as I hoped I'd be by now, but I do recognize that I'm further along than I was this time last year with Awakening 2, and that got published on time. So there's still hope, right? Right??

*crickets chirping*

And hey, not only am I farther along with the third book in the Lilly Frank trilogy than I was this time last year with the second book, but I've also made (dare I say "significant"?) progress on two other novels, Nick + Serran and The Pirate Queen. All told, my cumulative word count across all three projects so far is 15,272. Huzzah!

Perhaps it seems silly of me to gauge my progress in terms of word count, especially when one- to two-thirds of the work involved in writing a novel consists of world building and character development and backstory that never makes it in. But that other stuff is hard to measure, and knowing that about 500 words have magically appeared* in my Awakening 3 manuscript since I last checked makes me feel better.

[*I say "magically appeared" because I often fail to remember that I have done anything at all, or what I have done seems so small as to be uncountable. 500 words, on the other hand, is definitely countable.]

Okay, okay. On to the excerpt. If you've been following along, you may have read part of this one before, but, as you will see, there is some new information here related to aforementioned revelation. Buen provecho! (Wait, how do you say that in Italian? ... )

From a distance, New Rome’s glass towers winked under the Tuscan sun. The Vatican, home for the winter, lurked overhead—an enormous blue hover-dome casting a shadow over a quarter of the city. Given that the outside temperature was already 36 degrees Celsius this January morning, the inhabitants of that quarter of the city were probably grateful for the shade.  
She’d heard that Rome had been destroyed and rebuilt while she was gone, but she hadn’t yet seen it for herself. It was eerily beautiful. But she would never understand why they decided to rebuild in steel, glass and concrete rather than stone. Someone must have bribed the right politicians an awful lot of money to make that happen. 
Was Torren there, somewhere amongst the glittering skyscrapers? Was he still with Vittoria?

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