Sunday, February 9, 2014

Early Feb. progress report

By the time I get around to writing these blog posts, all my creativity is used up for the day and I end up giving them really boring titles. Dammit.

The good news is, I made progress on all three novels this week - Yay! :)

Awakening 3
My work on my vampire romance this week was mainly limited to outlining and brainstorming scenes that need to take place. Despite the fact that my word count is merely creeping up, it does feel like I'm making significant progress. Lots more to do, though. Lots more to do.

Word count: 2,328 (goal = 40,000)

The Pirate Queen
I did some research on clothing in the late 1600s/early 1700s and made some decisions about what Captain Quin & her crew would wear (and what they would definitely not wear).

I learned that many pirate crews had what was called a slop chest that contained fancy clothes and jewelry from their plunders. Pirates, it turns out, liked to dress up to go out on the town. I think the research said that someone was in charge of the chest and crew members had to pay him for the clothes they wanted, but in my book it's going to be like a rotating costume closet. Each time they have a party or go ashore, they take turns choosing what they want to wear from the chest.

I also learned that a Cavalier hat could be pinned up to form a tricorn or a bi-corne hat. (Hadn't realized it was the same hat worn three different ways.)

Word count: 1,244 (goal = 80,000)

Nick + Serran

I caught myself line editing (a big no-no at this stage of the process!) so I refocused my energy on the outline and organization. I had a section just titled "Bits & pieces" that were things I'd written but didn't really know where they went, so I made some effort to place them in the general vicinity of where I think they might go. Hah! It's probably a little early to tell, to be honest.

Word count: 12,246 (goal = 50,000)

This week's excerpt is coming from my contemporary romance, Nick + Serran, and from a scene that I think is probably my favorite scene I've written so far. In anything. If you like back rubs, you'll probably like it, too.

Be warned, though: it gets a bit steamy. ;)

She moaned, and the sound was a warm liquid rushing through his body. His erection jerked to life immediately. 
He should stop this. He was a hair’s breadth away from losing control. 
Oh, but he didn’t want to stop. Her skin felt too good. And now her whole body seemed to be begging him to continue. She was putty in his hands. 
He didn’t want to stop, but he didn’t want to lose control, either. What to do? Maybe some conversation would help distract him. 
“When’s the last time you had a massage?” he asked. 
“It’s been a while,” she managed to say. Why was he talking? He was always talking at the wrong time. 
“Your husband doesn’t give you massages?” He almost sounded like he was smiling. 
A twinge of guilt for the non-existent husband. “It’s not his forte,” she said. 
She should stop this. She was giving Nick the wrong impression entirely. She would stop it. In just a minute. Just as soon as it stopped feeling quite so good. 
Nick’s hands were strong and warm. His fingers zeroed in on the knots in her muscles, pressing firmly into them, pushing deep without hurting her. He was really very good at this. She imagined what it would feel like to have those hands finally touching her bare skin, caressing her body. Those long, strong, capable fingers on her breasts and hips. On her inner thighs. Pushing into her. 
She lowered her head, exposing more of her neck. He imagined placing a kiss there but stopped himself and instead let his fingers wander where his lips wanted to go.

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