Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vittoria Rosa character sketch (AWAKENING 3)

"What was it like speaking with Vittoria?" asked fellow romance & erotica author Chris Liccardi in reference to last week's post, "Vittoria talks about Torren."

To be honest, Vittoria kinda scares the bejeezus outta me. As I said in my reply comment to him, "She's like a volcano, ready to spew forth molten lava at any moment, and I never know what's going to set her off." She's a passionate, expressive, quick-tempered artist. For being only five feet, two inches, she packs a lot of punch.

I'm pretty sure she looks a lot like this woman, only her lips are a lot redder and fuller (Vittoria would never wear that pink lipstick), her facial features are a wee bit sharper, and she doesn't normally wander around in lingerie. Not that Vittoria is shy about her body. She just comes from a really different time period, you know? Anyway you get the idea: she's sexy as all get-out.

And I don't really understand her at all. Yet.

I've been doing some exploration of my characters this week, and I realized I really have no idea at this point what motivates Vittoria...besides keeping her claws in Torren, I mean. But WHY does she want to keep Torren? Why is she willing to [spoiler removed] and keep him away from all his friends - and from Lilly, of course - just to stay with him?

Why does she let her emotions run away with her to the point where she becomes destructive? What's that all about?

The thing is, I'm pretty sure Vittoria's not a super self-aware person. True, she's really good at expressing her emotions rather than repressing them, but I don't get the impression that she understands why she feels what she feels, why she does what she does. She just is. She just feels. She just acts. She's sensuality incarnate. She's 98% instinct and 2%...I don't know what.

As I write this I'm realizing that she's probably the most conventional vampire I've written. If there were a vampire in my mythology who represented the counterpoint to repressed sexuality, she would be it. (As a believer that the best vampire lit is about repressed sexuality, that should make my friend and mentor Chuck Caruso happy.)

She's also that part of me that would like to say or do whatever I felt like in the moment without regard to consequences and without regret. She accepts things as they are, for the most part, and reacts accordingly, which is in stark contrast to myself; I spend much of my time and energy fighting the way things are, wishing they were different and raging against reality.

Maybe that's why she scares me so much: I've seen for myself the damage that can be inflicted by following whims without regard to consequence, and I've gone down the road of destruction. Vittoria is outgoing and lively and engaged, but she is also unstable, and that makes her unpredictable. It makes her dangerous.


  1. Jeanie
    That may be the single, most upfront and honest discussion I've heard about a character being something we cannot, as writers, define. Your work with her will be enlightening to us, your fans, and to you. You get double kudos for being honest about her scaring the hell out of you. Frankly, she scares the hell out of any of us who want to cut loose and say "F! this... deal with it!"

    The picture is pretty wicked too, but I imagine you already know that.

    I would love to sit down and have a conversation with Vittoria about her thoughts on you and on Torren.... hell, in life in general. I wonder what her response would be to a person she has never met asking her questions she may not want to answer... the mind just boggles at the thought :)


    1. Aww... *furiously blushing* Thanks so much for the fantastic compliment, Chris! :D

      Also: omigod. Ask Vittoria about ME?!? That's kind of brilliant. And terrifying. I'm not sure I'd want to know what she has to say about me...

    2. It would be one hell of a conversation to have, Jeanie. I would promise not to share any of the dirt Vittoria dishes to me... well, mostly promise *evil grin*... I cant promise to promise, but it would be one hell of a good conversation lol