Thursday, March 27, 2014

AWAKENING 3 cover reveal

What could make an ordinary Thursday a little more special? How about a spontaneous reveal of the Awakening 3 cover art?!? :D

I've had the cover for the final book in the Lilly Frank trilogy in my possession for quite some time but was holding off on revealing it because I thought I might want to do a cover reveal event through a blog tour company. But I since I have quite a few other surprises up my sleeve for later this year, I decided what the heck.

Do you wanna see? Are you ready??

Cover design by McCorkle Creations


What do you think? What expectations does it set up for you?

And in other news, I'm right on track with the first draft of the manuscript. Today I've been working on Part 2 (each of the Lilly Frank novellas is divided into three parts, similar to a three-act play), which involves a lot of conflict between a lot of characters. Oh, and some sex. There's some sex in there, too. As well as some not-quite-sex-but-very-sexy-happenings. ;)

All In all I'm excited about how it's coming along.

And to celebrate, how about a little excerpt from the section I was working on today?

As always, because this is a first draft, the excerpt might change by the time it reaches final form, but it will give you a little glimpse into what I'm up to. ;)
Carrie answered the door, and when she saw him her eyes lit up. “Torren!” she exclaimed. 
Her outburst brought Beth to the door. She smiled and her eyes misted, and then she reached out for him, first kissing each cheek and then squeezing him so hard he almost couldn’t breathe. 
When she let go he inhaled and chuckled. “It’s nice to see you both,” he said. 
Beth sniffled and wiped at her eyes. “Come in, come in,” she said. “Lilly said she’d found you. We’re so glad to see you again.” 
“Where the hell have you been?” Carrie asked. 
“In Rome mostly,” he said. He was about to ask how they were when their eyes moved past him and their smiles renewed. 
Torren turned, and there stood Lilly. 
He’d found her fascinating when he didn’t know who she was, but now that he remembered everything she was so beautiful the sight of her made his heart swell to bursting. Lilly. His Lilly. 
She smiled uncertainly. “Torren?”

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