Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wearable technology (AWAKENING 3)

First: I broke the 10k word barrier on the first draft of Awakening 3!!! *streamers*confetti*noisemakers*bottle of champagne* Only 30K more to go in the next couple of weeks. But let's not dwell on that too long. 'Tis a time for celebratin'!


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Why did it not occur to me when Lilly was wandering around on the grassy plains of Mongolia, freezing her tuckus off (how does one spell tuckus properly? Tookus?) that all she had to do was adjust the temperature on her self-heating, water-resistant, impenetrable jacket? Was the heating mechanism broken? Did she have to buy clothing without all the fancy-schmancy gadgetry because it all automatically stores your bio-data for you and transmits it to some super-storage facility and it's not a good idea for the Powers That Be to get their hands on vampire bio-data because it would blow their minds and blow vampires' cover? Still working on that one.

But I got very excited browsing through wearable technology on Pinterest and added a bunch of pics to my board, which brings me to...

Third: You should totes check out my Pinterest board for the Lilly Frank series. Most of the photos pertain to Book 3, so if you're curious about the world I'm building for the final book in the series, it'll give you some interesting (and potentially confusing) clues.

Fourth: How about an excerpt? Haven't done one of those in a while. 

This is the last teeny little bit from the first third of the book. What you need to know is that Lilly hasn't seen Torren in almost fifty years. She kept hoping - maybe even expecting - that he'd come find her, but he never did. In the end she went looking for him.
“Torren?” she said again, a little louder, and this time Vittoria’s head snapped up and her eyes, narrowing to slits, locked with Lilly’s. In them, Lilly saw fear, anger, hatred. She supposed she could understand that. But that wouldn’t deter her, either. 
She was just about to say Torren’s name one more time when his head cocked slightly to the side and then, following Vittoria’s gaze, slowly rotated in her direction. 
Those impossibly blue eyes came to rest on her, and it was as if a warm wind blew through her. There was another shifting and clicking into place, but this time it was inside her. That gaping hole she’d carried around with her for years was filled. 
Torren gasped and started to rise, but Vittoria put her hand on his arm, and he settled down again. 
“Hello,” Torren said. His voice—that voice like velvet over marble—was full of wonder. 
Hello? That was it? After all these years, a casual hello was how he greeted her? 
Lilly’s stomach dipped, and then, as she continued to stare into his eyes, as she watched his gaze roam over her features without a hint of recognition, her stomach full-on sank. 

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