Friday, April 11, 2014

NICK + SERRAN on Pinterest

Oh my word. I think I found the perfect muse for Nick, the male lead in the contemporary romance I'm working on. His name's Anthony Carrino, and he co-hosts HGTV's Kitchen Cousins with John Colaneri. What do you think?

Anthony Carrino, aka Nick Enfield

Btw, you should totally check out the inspiration board I made today on Pinterest for the novel. There are some other fun clues there about the book!

This week I did a lot of work on character backgrounds and outlining. Making good progress there, although there are still some blanks I need to figure out. I really wish I could tell you something more, but I fear that the progress I made wouldn't make much sense if I explained it out of context, so you'll just have to settle for an excerpt. ;)

Excerpt from Nick + Serran
(Note: This is from the first draft and may change or be deleted in final draft.)
She opened the door, and before he could get a word out she said, “Do you mind if we make dinner at your place?” 
He stood blinking, his mouth half-open as if about to say something. 
“I’m sorry,” she said, feeling incredibly awkward. “That was probably abrupt. Was it abrupt? Sorry. Sorry. I meant, hi. You look nice.” 
Only then did she really stop to take in what she was seeing, and nice didn’t do it justice.  
He grinned and she balled her fists at her sides to keep from tearing her clothes off and offering herself to him right then and there. Her cheeks grew hot. She knew they were red, which only made her blush harder. This was not going well so far. 
As she stood mute, his grin slowly faded and his eyes shifted to the side. “Oh, ahh…no, you’re fine. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to laugh at you.”
Laugh at her? What? 
Oh. A red face and clenched fists could be mistaken for anger. Well that was all right. Better he think that than suspect the truth. For God’s sake, she didn’t even know why he’d agreed to go to dinner with her in the first place; she was a train wreck. She wondered if it was too late to back out now.

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