Friday, April 18, 2014

WIP updates

TGIF, y'all! I'm a little in shock that it's already been a week since my last post, but I'm going to pack in as much news as I can to this one about all three of my WIPs.

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Awakening 3
I've started to get feedback from my beta readers and my developmental editor this week, and I feel both excited and a little overwhelmed. On the one hand, I had hoped I was a little closer to completion than what I'm hearing and my brain is spinning trying to take in how much work I have left to do in a relatively short amount of time, but on the other hand my readers have said they really like the book. Yay! :D I have to say, despite the problems I need to work out, I think this book might be the best of the trilogy. At least, I like it best of the three. I felt surprised and excited while writing it and sensed a greater depth in it than I did the first two. I really hope you all will be pleased when it finally comes out in July.

Nick + Serran
In the meantime, I've been working on my contemporary romance novel, and I've decided to try something new when it comes to Nick + Serran (or whatever I end up calling it). Rather than fly by the seat of my pants for most of the draft as I've done in the past, I've decided to try to outline. This is a frightening venture for me because a) I have so little time to write and I can't afford to waste any of it by writing a bunch of stuff that doesn't help me write the actual book, and b) I don't really know what happens yet beyond how it begins and how it ends. However, I have been assured by numerous other writers, both in person and via their blogs, that this actually works. So I'm giving it a go.
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What I will say is that so far I have ten and a half handwritten pages of detailed notes (this happens, then this, this is how they feel, etc.), and I've only gotten maybe 1/16 into the book. I will also say that, as I write detailed notes about the scenes I plan to write when the outlining is finished, some surprising things are coming up. I'm learning my characters better already. That feels like a win.

The Pirate Queen
Although I'm not scheduled to start working on the first draft of my historical pirate romance novel until later this year, I've already got the basic plot (beginning, ending, and a few events in between) and know a little about the characters. This week I also created a Pinterest board for it, to start creating a sense of the atmosphere of the book. I'd love it if you checked it out and let me know what you thought!

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