Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lilly Frank: damsel in distress or badass chick?

Since there's no post scheduled for today on the Awakening 3 book tour, I thought I'd share with you this guest post I wrote for the tour but which, as a result of some miscommunication, did not go up as scheduled. I hope you enjoy it!
Lilly Frank definitely starts out each book in the series as a damsel in distress, but she's not looking to anyone else to save her.

In the beginning of the series Lilly is living half-dead: numb to her feelings, both physical and emotional. Because her mother's murder was such a traumatic experience for her on so many levels, and because she was raised in a culture that taught her to repress or avoid feeling rather than process and deal with it, she has cut herself off from her emotions and from deep connection with other people. She wants to feel safe, so she learns boxing and martial arts. She attempts to control her environment, but at every turn she's confronted with reminders of how unsafe the world is.

At the beginning of the trilogy, Lilly wouldn't think of herself as a woman in distress, but she is in fact in the worst kind of distress: she is on the verge of killing off the last little bit of her spirit by marrying Ethan. It's only when she meets our hero, Torren, that she begins to awaken to herself again. Her body's response to Torren is the catalyst for Lilly's journey throughout the trilogy.

When Awakening 3 opens, Lilly has spent the last forty-nine years trying to run away or distract herself from her emotions, but she finally begins to realize that these strategies ultimately don't work. The damage to our souls caused by trying to avoid pain and loss may be more subtle, but in the long run it's far worse than what we are trying to avoid in the first place.

Although meeting Torren is what sets Lilly on her path, he is not her rescuer. In fact, one of the things Torren likes most about Lilly is how capable she is: by the third book, she's a black belt in seven forms of martial arts, an expert swordswoman and an expert markswoman with thirteen different firearms.

What Lilly learns in Awakening 3 is how to face her fears and form deep emotional connections despite the fact that there are no guarantees in life. What she learns is how to take risks, how to allow herself to feel, and how to truly live.  And this makes her a badass chick.

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