Friday, August 1, 2014

AWAKENING 3: RBTL Tour Day 5 & Vittoria Rosa Character Bio

Read Between the Lines Tour Stop 5
Today's tour stop, Our New Generation for Reading, is experiencing some technical difficulties, but when the post is up you'll have more opportunities to enter the giveaway to win a $10 Amazon gift card and/or an ebook of Awakening 3. I'll update this post when it's ready. Don't miss it!

And now for today's exclusive content on this blog. Wednesday and yesterday brought character bios for Lilly and Torren, the two main characters of the Lilly Frank trilogy, and today continues that streak with a character bio for Vittoria Rosa, who takes on an important role in the final book in the trilogy.

Vittoria Rosa Character Bio
Vittoria Rosa was born in 1599 in a small Italian village about 30km outside of Rome. She was the eldest of five siblings, and when her father abandoned their family in 1611 and her mother became sick shortly thereafter, Vittoria took on the responsibility of raising her siblings and making enough money to keep food on the table. For the next few years she continued to raise chickens, as her parents had done for years as one source of income, and she also took on whatever odd jobs she could find, such as sewing, washing, cooking and cleaning for the wealthier families in the village. When she was fifteen she began working in her uncle's tavern, which brought in a steadier income.

Around the same time that Vittoria went to work in the tavern, fellow villager Giovanni Torrenzio, the son of a wealthy horse farmer, began to court her in earnest, but Vittoria was determined not to marry until the youngest of her siblings was out of the house and she had only her mother to care for.

One day in May 1628, a week before her youngest brother was to turn 18, he announced his plans to join a ship's crew. That night Vittoria took Giovanni to a moonlit hillside and they made love. Her intention was to tell him they could finally marry, but before she had the chance, Giovanni and Vittoria were Changed against their will by Kevala, a Foreseer. They were taken to live with Kevala just south of what is now known as Budapest. When Kevala was murdered by vampire hunters in 1679, Vittoria and Torren spent some time roaming, but in 1706, Vittoria [spoiler removed].

Little is known about Vittoria's life for the next three hundred years, but we do know that she and Giovanni, who was then going by the name of Torren Frisk, were reunited in 2003. The best available source about her life since 2003 is Awakening 3 by Jeanie Grey.

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