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Blog hop: My Writing Process

Today was the last day of a fantastic Awakening 3 tour with Read Between the Lines, and tomorrow a new tour begins with Fire & Ice Book Tours that will include reviews, excerpts, guest posts, a character interview, and another awesome giveaway! I'm so excited!

But in the meantime I'm taking a quick break between tours to participate in the My Writing Process Blog Hop. My friend and fellow paranormal author Mari Wells tagged me.

Mari's bio:
By candlelight, she writes, creating worlds full of magic, myths, mystery, monsters, and mayhem. Using words of romance or suspense and her knowledge of paranormal creatures, she covers the screen. Characters are pleased to be given her attention for the night and they happily do her biding. 
Her stories will take you to lands where vampires, werewolves, and witches interact in magical ways. Journey with her to places where myths take on exciting twists, monsters may not be what you expect, and death isn’t final.  
Allow her to question all that you know to be true, while enjoying the tale she takes you on. Once you’ve been drawn into her world things that go bump in the night is something you'll anxiously await.
Read her My Writing Process post here.

And now for my answers to the blog hop questions:

1. What am I working on?
I currently have two novels and a handful of short stories in progress, but my main focus at the moment is the contemporary romance novel, At First Blush (formerly titled Nick + Serran). It's the story of Serran Winters - high school English teacher in California by day and wildly successful romance author by night - who's on tour in New England with her latest bestseller. At a book signing she runs into her teenage crush, Nick Enfield, who doesn't recognize her because she's in disguise as her pseudonym, and she decides to take advantage of the opportunity to see if he measures up to her memories. Oh, and did I mention that the book she's on tour with is her fantasy about what would happen if she ever ran into him again? So yeah, she's intent on keeping him from reading the book he just bought and had her sign...

The other novel-in-progress is a historical pirate romance called The Pirate Queen, which you can read more about on my "Coming in 2014/2015" page.

The short stories I've been working on between novels all relate to the theme of self-discovery or personal growth through sex or sexual attraction. I'm interested in exploring what our sexual desire (and the lack of it) can tell us about ourselves, especially when we have strong sexual attraction to partners that seem totally inappropriate for us.

2. How does my work differ from others in its genre?
As I've written in previous blog posts, I'm interested in challenging conventions of the romance genre as well as challenging societal norms around sex and especially women's sexuality. For this reason I call myself a writer of feminist romance and erotica.

3. Why do I write what I do?
I started reading romance at a young age, when I found my grandma's stash of Harlequin romance books, and so the genre has been impressed on my consciousness for quite a while now. But aside from that, I think I'm drawn to writing romance and erotica because of my own complex (and at times confusing) relationships with romantic love, sex and sexuality. Writing these stories is a way for me to explore my own feelings and limits and to examine where they come from.

4. How does my writing process work?
Hahah! I wish I knew! :D But seriously, the best I can explain it: I get an idea, I jot some notes down about it. If I still remember it's there the next day (or week, depending on how busy I am), I play with it some more. If it still has my attention, I decide whether the idea's a novel or a short story and then where it fits in my list of priorities in terms of things I'm working on. If I'm still interested in the idea when its number is called, I commit to it, set deadlines, and torture myself over it for week/months/years until I have a first draft. Then I give that first draft to readers for their feedback, torture myself until the final deadline and then call it done (because it's never going to be perfect).

In typical blog hop fashion, it's now my turn to turn you on to two more writers who are friends of mine and whose work I find fascinating. Chris writes a variety of things, but I know him best for his romance and erotica, which strikes me as heartfelt and explores things like loyalty, devotion, longing for connection and authentic self-exploration. Bobby is primarily a horror writer who can go very dark (just check out his short story "Neighborhood Soirée"), but he also cares deeply about politics and social justice and will write nonfiction pieces about current events at times.
Christopher A Liccardi is a wordsmith living in New Jersey. He spends his free time conjuring up tales to distract him from reality that are almost always fiction. His muse plays between Sci-Fi/Fantasy to Romance to Erotica to Poetry and his writing takes on a life of its own and goes wherever it will. He spends his time chasing after that muse... wherever she may lead!
Visit Christopher's site here: 
Bobby Salomons’s works are as authentic and distinguishing as the city of Amsterdam, where he was born and raised. A tense and mysterious atmosphere combined with a vivid and capturing writing style make his stories a pleasure to read and hard to forget. From a young age he was drawn to creative and inspiring works, striking up a true passion for writing in college. Ever since, he has steadily developed himself as a writer, working as a script doctor and faithfully penning his soon-to-be-released debut series, DEATH 2 DEATH. With a background in Art-Direction (advertising) and copy writing, Bobby is boldly undertaking the effort of establishing himself amongst his writing peers with the humor and sober-headedness expected from a Dutchman.
Visit Bobby's site here:

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