Friday, October 17, 2014

Guest post: "There's a vamp for that" by Mari Wells

The vampire guest post series continues today with a meaty post by Mari Wells, writer of dark paranormal fiction. Mari was one of the first people I met on Twitter, so it feels like I've known her forever. We bonded over our mutual love of vampires; in fact, she's posted about vampires weekly on her own blog since I've known her, so she's something of a vampire expert, as you'll see from her guest post here. Welcome, Mari!

"There’s A Vamp for That" by Mari Wells

Sexuality. Power. Immortality.

I don’t think vampires are a metaphor for anything, you can’t judge a whole on a few. Do they have these aspects? Yes. Are they metaphors for them? No.

I know you’re going to say they are a metaphor for sexual liberty, but I don’t agree. There are many vampires who enjoy sex and they must be sexually attracted to their prey. They feed off the sexual energy of their sexual encounters, but there are equal amounts that don’t.

You might say vampires are immortal and they escape what each of us must face eventually: death. I also don’t agree with this comment. Vampires can die, it might be harder, but it is possible.

Power, they’re a metaphor for power.

Again, I have to disagree. Vampires are the most powerful creatures we know. What about sunlight? Some are weak against it they’re only powerful during night hours. I don’t think that’s very powerful. Religious objects, silver, running water, and if you believe in werewolves. They don’t seem so powerful after all.

I can hear you now, “Damn, Mari what the hell do you like about them then?” I’ll tell you.

No other monster has the history or appeal of the vampire.

When Jeanie asked me to tell her why I loved vampires, I wanted to laugh. How can a self-professed vampire-phile ever explain why they love vampires? How could I narrow the so many reasons into a guest post?

Vampires prove evolution. Hell, they‘re evolution at its best. No other creature can be everything throughout its history or at one time in a small section of its history. From the beginning of vampire lore, they have been the incarnation of terror, and depending on what myths you believe, they’ve also been raw sexual energy.

Vampires have also tortured romantics, more so in the last century; they spend eternity searching for their soul mates. Can vampires have soul mates? Do they have souls? My research (and how I love my research) says yes to both counts.

Oh and let’s not forget about the immortal creatures that have spent lifetimes accumulating wealth. Money truly is no object for vampires, or those in their company.

Bloodthirsty and vengeful or regretful and bloodthirsty, these spirits or revenants have captured our attention.

Do you see my answer hidden in those sentences?

Vampires are the perfect monster because they are whatever is needed. The reanimated father, brother, or husband that kills his family because he can’t bear being separated from them. Alternatively, the zombie-like deceased neighbor that kills the town folk because they have insulted him in life or are currently mistreating his family and friends.

The vampire as a spirit who desires life and kills in hopes of taking a new body. A vengeful spirit who seeks its killers and can’t rest until they’re drained of all blood and life energy.

The Incubus or Succubus vampires are seducers that sneak into bedchambers in the darkness of night. They feed from blood and/or energy, but making it impossible for the victim to be satisfied with any other lover.

Take Lilith for example; there are so many myths about her. The regretful vampire who creeps beside an infant, heartbroken by her lack of children, she takes the baby into her arms and presses it to her chest, to her heart. Is she guilty of murdering the child? Poor woman, her own children are slaughtered.

What about the vengeful Lilith; she hated Eve so much she desired the death of her children and grandchildren. She also sneaks into the infant's room, takes the baby into her arms and smothers it, drinking from its life force, or drains it of blood.

Lilith is also the perfect example of physical beauty and sexual freedom. As Adam’s first wife she demanded to be on top during sex, he refused, she walked. She and her daughters the Lilim are everything any man could ever want in a woman, the queen of all Succubi. Myth also tells of Lilith being a harpy of sorts, a screech owl, and part snake. That’s a nightmare, no?

So why do I love vampires? Because I want my vampires to be whatever I need now. If I need a little crazy and wild (in the words of Apple), there’s a Vamp for that. Do I need some romance? There’s a Vamp for that. Dark, deathly evil - there’s a Vamp for that too. What about Smexy? There’s a Vamp for that.

That’s why I love vampires, because no matter what you want or need...there’s a Vamp for that!

I want to thank Jeanie for having me, I’m honored to be a part of this series of vampire guest posts. 

You can connect with Mari on Twitter (@Mari_Wells4), read her short story "Just Another Hunt" for free here, and read all her posts about vampires on her website.

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