Thursday, November 20, 2014

My overdue update on Vampire Books for Blood

Last month I participated in Vampire Books for Blood, a fundraiser started by author Scott Burtness to support the American Red Cross. This is the first year we've done it, but we plan to make it an annual event, so if you're an author who didn't participate this year or a reader who missed it, mark your calendar for October 2015!

Today I'm here to share the results of my part of our efforts and announce how much I donated to Red Cross Cascades.

A quick recap
My pledge was to donate 100% of net proceeds from October 2014 sales of Awakening, the first book in the Lilly Frank trilogy. Net proceeds means royalties earned minus the taxes I have to pay on those royalties. Here's the breakdown.

I sold four books copies of Awakening in October 2014, two on Smashwords and two on Amazon.

Smashwords royalties = $1.12
Amazon royalties = $0.70
Total royalties = $1.82

Now because I'm responsible for paying my own income tax as well as social security on my authorly earnings, my CPA has advised me to set aside 35% of all income for tax paying purposes. Therefore:

Taxes owed = $0.64
Net proceeds = $1.18

My donation
In theory, my donation to the Red Cross Cascades would be just that: $1.18. But that just seems wrong. Red Cross Cascades is helping Oregon & SW Washington prepare for any number of natural disasters, such as "tornado, tsunami, house fire or alien attack" (according to the Twitter account), and I'm sure they'll be there for us when the zombie apocalypse hits. That's worth way more than a measly dollar eighteen. (Plus, okay, the minimum online donation amount is $10.)

Therefore I have made a donation to the American Red Cross for $10 even.

A great big thank you to Scott Burtness for organizing Vampire Books for Blood to raise awareness and funds for the American Red Cross and to everyone who supported this event by buying a book as part of #VampBooks4Blood and/or helping us get the word out. You all are the best!

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