Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Ch- ch- ch- CHANGES!

I don't know about yours, but my fall was BIZ-EE! Between work, travel, going to rock shows (music not geodes), (re)connecting with friends, and the beginning of the holiday season, I've been a bit swamped. But I'm happy to say that I've hit a lull (the calm before the Christmas season storm) and have had time to turn my attention back to my writing projects as well as do some planning around next year.

New now
The website has a new look! Okay, yes, the difference is kinda subtle, but I hope it reads as cleaner and less like (as a friend put it recently) a MySpace page. *shudder* I also added the About Jeanie page. What do you think?

Coming later this month
I am so close to being done with my new short erotica story, "Made to Order," and am excited to share it with you! And how will that be happening? Glad you asked! Later this month I'll be publishing my first collection of short stories, which will include two speculative erotic fiction shorties and two contemporary erotic shorties. (I made up the word shorties by virtue of typo just now. Short + stories = shorties. Feeling brilliant.) "Made to Order" will be in the collection as well as "Crouch," "Turning Point," and "Serran's Fantasy," the last of which is also an excerpt from my forthcoming contemporary romance novel At First Blush.

This short story collection will be sold as an ebook for 99¢, but you'll have a chance to get it free by signing up for my mailing list. When I get the mailing list set up and running, that is. So be on the lookout for that!

Coming in 2015
Last but not least, I've been working up my project plan for next calendar year. I plan to release three books:

  • May - At First Blush, a contemporary romance
  • June/July - Lilly Frank omnibus (all three Awakening books packaged together with new shorties from that world)
  • Fall/Winter - The Pirate Queen, a historical pirate romance

I'm also looking into a pretty substantial overhaul of this website, complete with proper domain name and some branding and stuff. I figure now that I'm working on my fourth book and starting to make serious attempts to build my audience base, having a website that looks like an author lives here is a good investment.

And if I'm very good/lucky and my energy holds out, I'll be writing a couple more short stories and releasing a second collection of shorts either at the end of next year or the beginning of 2016. That would be so cool!!!